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The lost ones

The lost ones

Fantasy / science fiction utenl. ebøker
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The Lost Ones is the first book in the much anticipated fantasy trilogy, Chronicles of Dessalon. It will bring you on a journey through extensive worldbuilding, magic systems, shifters and soulmates.

In a realm where soulmates grow up together, Cayla and Bren are separated in a desperate hope to keep them safe. She is sent through a portal into a foreign world without magic, while Bren is kept safe within the walls of the Academy.

As war erupts in Dessalon, Cayla is lost to the Solid. Without memories of her true home, she ends up in a mental institution where she spends the next decade lonely, confused, and baffled by her erratic ability.

Bren spends every day of his life training to become her Protector. His life becomes a cycle of chores and responsibility as the world goes dark, swallowed by Shadow. Now trapped in the last safe haven of Lockireth, the Chancellor one day appears with the news he's been longing to hear.
"We have found her."